Data Subject Rights Request Form

Data Subject Rights Request Form

Applicant's information

Are you the data subject ?

Documents for verification of identity and/or residency

Documents for verification of authorization

The Power of Attorney must :

  1. contain, at a minimum, a statement “authorize the applicant to request for exercising rights to .... with respect to personal data of the data subject, a grantor, as well as doing all other actions in relation to such request until completion”
  2. be explicitly and correctly signed by the grantor and the grantee.

Documents for verification of authorization

Purposes of your request

Personal data in respect of which you wish to exercise your right

No. Personal data Activities Source

Ground for the Request

Data Controller’s disclaimer

In order to comply with the relevant laws, the Company may have to deny your request in some cases including but not limited to the following cases where :

  1. you are not able to clearly verify that the applicant is the data subject or authorized to submit the request.
  2. your request is unreasonable, e.g., the applicant may not have the right to delete personal data or the Company does not have such personal data.
  3. such request is redundant, e.g., such request is repeatedly submitted or duplicated without reasonable reason.
  4. retention of such personal data is for establishing legal claims, legal compliance, exercise of legal rights or defenses.
  5. proceeding your request may adversely affect and harm rights and freedom of other people.
  6. processing of such personal data is necessary for performance of contracts between the data subject and the Company.
  7. processing of such personal data is necessary for legitimate interests of the Company.
  8. Other cases prescribed by the relevant law.

In general, you will not be charged for the process in relation to the request. However, if your request is manifestly unreasonable or redundant, the Company may charge a processing fee at a reasonable cost.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance